Three-station Pneumatic Fastener Attaching Machine (SS-3808), Industrial Snap Button Attaching Machine Manufacturer


Multi-station Pneumatic Snap Button Attaching Machine (SS-3808), Fastener Attaching Machine Factory Price, Garment Button Attaching Machine Manufacturer

Features of Model: SS-3808

1) Intelligent time-delayed

Intelligent time-delayed function can be used to protect button in perfect shape.

2) Thick or thin fabric taking all

Intelligent control pressure can be suitable for thick fabric like denim and thin fabric like Knits and shirt, etc.

3) Intelligent counter

Intelligent patent accounting device can be saved precise working data easily.

4) Safety protecting ring

Patent safety ring for protecting the operator’s finger covers lower and upper of three-station.

5) Equally and stable air pressure

Top quality pneumatic elements ensures the equally and stable air pressure.

Pneumatic Fastener Attaching Machine for thick fabric denim and thin fabric Knits and shirt Three-station Pneumatic Fastener Attaching Machine (SS-3808) with Intelligent counter Three-station Pneumatic Fastener Attaching Machine (SS-3808) with Safety Protecting Ring Three-station Pneumatic Fastener Attaching Machine (SS-3808) with Equally and Stable Air Pressure
Thick or Thin Fabric Taking All Intelligent Counter Safety Protecting Ring Equally and Stable Air Pressure


Technical Data Sheet of Model: SS-3808

Model Voltage (v) Frequency (Hz) Power (w) Air Pressure (kg/cm) Delay Time (s) Stroke (mm) Cylinder Dia. (mm) Size of Machine (mm) Size of Frame (mm) Weight of Machine (kg) Weight of Frame (kg)
SS-3808 220 50~60 10 2~10 0.1~9.9 40 100 525*410*265 1050*580*110 26 27
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